A day at eDreams ODIGEO

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We put them first and foremost. We use data and research to develop products and features that will directly make an impact on a unique traveller experience.

Teamwork and cross-functional collaboration

We are proud of our dynamic, healthy and collaborative working environment. Our data-driven mentality and customer-focus creates a culture of cross-functional collaboration, with frequent brainstorming sessions between multidisciplinary teams.

The outcome?

Efficient problem-solving
Constant motivation
Personal development
A hotbed for innovation
Real added value for our customers

Driving top performance

Being the best at what we do means finding the right talent, giving them a great experience at our company, and helping them to continue to grow and develop their skills and expertise with us. To drive a top performance culture, we focus on strong alignment, individual and team performance, and open and constructive feedback, as well as fair recognition and reward.

Every day, a challenge

If you enjoy a good challenge, you’ll feel right at home here at eDreams ODIGEO.

Our diverse and fast-paced atmosphere makes for plenty of:


Customer focus

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We put them first and foremost. We use data and research to develop products and features that will directly make an impact on a unique traveller experience.


Different perspectives and opinions only make our work environment richer and more interesting. We are proud of our diversity, with a very balanced gender distribution, more than 45 languages spoken and over 60 different nationalities.

Our enablers

Our products

We offer a multi-platform experience with an ever increasing range of innovative features, from the My Trips area, where you can check your travel details across all devices, to real-time notifications on your flight status, gate number, baggage belt and more in our mobile apps.


Testing is a key step in ensuring great customer experience.
We use various methods and tools to test and learn from all of the exciting features developed by our teams.
Every day, testing and data analysis have proved to be one of the most powerful ways of identifying exciting opportunities and therefore growing our business.

Our innovation

Every day we innovate for our customers in so many ways. One moment you shouldn’t miss is the Hackathon! During this 24-hour competition, teams generate and deliver new, innovative concepts, products and services, taking them through design, development, business rationale and more, in just one day!

Our data

Bookings and searches help us better understand, and even predict, our customers’ behaviour. We personalise interactions with our customers at every touch point (from Facebook ads to emails) and propose products and offers that are most relevant for them.

Our intelligence

Aggregating and understanding data is crucial in our business. A dedicated Business Intelligence team focuses on providing us with easy access to the data we need, when we need it. Ready for the challenge?

Agile and Kanban methodologies

Agile and Kanban methodologies allow us to work in a more autonomous, lean and quality-focused manner. These are key to managing the ever-changing environment around us. Our teams enjoy the support of agile coaches and mentors. Our emphasis is on learning, innovation, collaboration and a focus on the needs of the customer. We are creating a work environment that inspires individuals, teams and the company as a whole to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

First Class technology

We operate a Microservices platform with +200 software services, mainly using: Java, Oracle, JBoss, GraphQL, Jetty, MySQL, Elastic Search, Cassandra, Rest, AngularJS, Kafka, ELK, Docker, Grafana, Selenium, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Cucumber, WS, Jenkins, Amazon AWS, Puppet, Mesos, Marathon, Storm, Spark, Maven, Ant, Nexus, Android, IOS, Kubernetes, Kotlin, PHP, React, Google Cloud, Big Table, and much more coming...