Engineering is in an exciting phase

We operate at a scale few others do and are investing heavily in our platform to really accelerate the innovation it delivers.

Up for the challenge?

Processing seven billion pricing transactions an hour for 1.2 billion monthly searches is a challenge.
Making a platform highly available and delivering rapid change at that scale is even more of a challenge.
As such, we've built a highly scalable Java- and JBoss-based platform that delivers a world-class experience to our users. Our front-ends comprise a multi-language, multi-device (including native Android and iPhone apps) and adaptive web application.

Highly automated testing process

Testing is incredibly important to us and we utilise a highly automated process for verifying the functionality of our code before it goes into production. We have created an adaptive test framework where our QA engineers write theirs test using Gherkin, which are executed through Cucumber, and which allows us to test each of our microservices independently.

Agile pods owning end-to-end delivery

We deliver in a highly agile way, with our agile pods (with an approximate team size of six developers, designers and product owners) taking ownership over the complete end-to-end delivery of their work. We heavily invest in giving our engineers the best possible tools and processes to do their jobs, and we believe that the secrets of agile software delivery are trust and removing as many roadblocks as possible.

Enhanced delivery through microservices

We're at the beginning of a significant investment in our platform. We're implanting Docker, Marathon and Mesos into a 300 server platform and creating a highly automated deployment and provisioning pipeline for transforming team productivity. We're also looking at how different technologies (in the application, data storage and infrastructure tiers) can help us deliver value to our users more quickly and at an ever increasing level of quality. We have an aggressive plan to complete this transition within the next twelve months and in the process we will take one of the world’s largest online travel agents into a highly innovative position, allowing us to deliver to our users at a substantially faster pace.

Solid front-ends expansion

Beyond the back-end, we're also investing heavily in further expanding our front-ends and delivering a new set of functionalities that we believe will revolutionise the online travel market.

What this means for you

We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals who are motivated by the challenge of transforming highly scalable production systems and who really want to drive that change. This is for you if you are looking for:

  • A challenge.
  • Ownership and accountability over IT and Product change.
  • Constant knowledge and learning.
  • Collaboration with some of the smartest people in the industry.
  • The opportunity to work with state-of-the-art,highly scalable containerized production systems and JVM services; microservice orchestration; complex single-page, multi-device user interfaces and more.
  • Continuous deployment, agile development and using technology as a tool to deliver innovative products.

Sergi Erola
What was my most biggest challenge

“Working at eDreams ODIGEO means having the passion to be leaders. This means that everyday we investigate how to improve both our product and our technological platform. It is a challenge to push new technologies to the limit in order to evolve our platform and the travel industry”

Ivan Morgado
What do I enjoy the most in my day to day

"What I like the most about my day to day work at eDreams ODIGEO is that we are always uncovering better ways of developing software. We are moving towards a more agile organisation, in which people are more important than processes. I enjoy a lot sharing knowledge across different teams, and this collaboration provides a more rewarding experience for all of us.Through continued learning and feedback, we broaden the organisational experience and we build mutual trust and respect. In addition, this mind-set helps us deliver an ever increasing range of innovative features for our highly scalable Java- and JBoss-based platform"

Nuria Pascual
What lies ahead

"Our journey is just getting started. We have laid the foundation that will allow us to move from an idea to a reality in the blink of an eye. :) This is complemented with multidisciplinary teams working in a collaborative environment"