Great talent is at the heart of our business.

We need people like you to help us provide the best possible experience for our customers. So join us and make a difference in shaping the way people travel today and tomorrow.

A sense of purpose

Make a difference every day! As a team we make travel easier, more accessible and better value for our customers worldwide. Whether you are a developer, a marketer, a people manager or our CEO, your contribution is critical to our success.


You will work with teams who are highly committed and passionate about what they do. We all go the extra mile to give our customers the best experience possible.


You'll find an informal management style that promotes simple and direct relationships between team members and across teams. This casual and friendly environment fosters a proximity mindset where you can easily discuss and collaborate with anybody, no matter what their position in the company.

Career development

If you want to take a new step in your career and are up for the challenge, you’ll have opportunities to learn, grow and develop. Based on your own aspirations, you’ll be encouraged to shape your career path by alternating between various functions, roles and projects.

  • shravan-kochhar

    "I joined eDreams ODIGEO 7.5 years ago as a Business Operations Manager, before moving on to head Reporting & Demand Planning for Customer Service. Currently I lead our Customer Experience organisation.

    eDreams ODIGEO has enabled me to achieve this progression by giving me access to leaders who have shaped my career and resources to continue developing & building my skills, not to mention a meritocratic workplace which gives room to grow within the company and follow my passion."

    Shravan Kochhar
    Chief Customer Experience Officer

  • martin4

    "When I joined eDreams ODIGEO 2 years ago as Product Manager, I quickly realised that there is literally no limit for each team or person to create a massive impact on the company. Your team does have a purpose but each of us is encouraged to go well beyond those boundaries and challenge the status quo wherever we see an opportunity.

    The most amazing thing is that when you drive a change in a company like this, you are changing the way millions and millions of customers travel - so yes, it really is a big deal. And your growth opportunities will go alongside with that: I have progressed my career into now working as a Product Director."

    Martin Burgener
    Product Director


You’ll keep learning and growing every day!
Working on new projects and ideas, innovating and sharing your experiences with your teams makes the opportunity to develop, both at a professional and personal level. You’ll get to work in an incredibly dynamic, evolving industry in which every day brings new challenges and new levels to aspire to.

Reward and Recognition

Measuring success
You’ll have the chance to set your own objectives, and your individual contribution and potential will be rewarded fairly. Throughout the year, several feedback sessions will help you assess your performance against these objectives and you will get valuable input to further develop and improve, and to continue planning your career in our company.
Compensating performance
We believe that when you strive to succeed and when you go the extra mile, your individual performance and collective teamwork will strongly contribute to our common performance. In addition to a competitive market salary, we offer our team members different forms of variable bonus compensation based on both individual and company performance.

The Perks

You’ll get a comprehensive benefit package which can vary slightly by location:

Where are you from?

Our team is composed of over 60 nationalities and we believe that this diversity is one of the secrets of our success!


You’ll enjoy the best rates and offers with our partners, which include airlines (of course!), local gyms, restaurants and shops!

Half-day Fridays

If you join our head office in the heart of Barcelona, or our Madrid or Porto offices, we give you back your Friday afternoons so you can spend your afternoon at the beach, hang out in the city or explore further afield. Whatever you prefer. It’s the start of your weekend!

Our home

If you join our head office located in the heart of vibrant Barcelona, you’ll see that it has been specially designed for our business and to help you do your job in the best circumstances. You’ll enjoy open spaces of all shapes and sizes, breakout areas, training spaces, terraces with great views of the city, KANBAN boards, UX labs and more!

Freshen up

Work-life balance is important for us, so whether you run or cycle to work, need to scrub up after the gym or want to head out for an evening in town after work, you have showers and changing rooms onsite where you can freshen up for whatever rocks your boat.

Flexible benefits

To make day-to-day life easier and remove worries, you’ll have the choice to tailor your contract from a range of company benefit plans (healthcare, meals, transport passes, child care vouchers, accident and life insurance, etc.)

Fun at work

We work hard, but enjoying what we do is key. With over 1,000 team members, we believe in breaking down department walls and connecting you with colleagues outside of your typical circle. In addition to a fun and active day-to-day working environment, our Go!Teams will invite you and your teammates to frequent social activities and events throughout the year. At eDreams ODIGEO, work and fun go hand in hand!

Learning & Development

We think that continuous learning is key to innovation - if you join us you’ll have the opportunity to attend any of our many technical, soft skills and language trainings & workshops in-house!

Flex remote work

Full flexibility to work from home up to 100% of your time during this period - After June ‘21, we will be adopting a new flexible and remote work policy to offer diverse lifestyle choices.

Work-life balance

Work hard, celebrate successes! In eDreams ODIGEO we recognise that work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle are essential. We encourage you to take part in social activities with colleagues, with a dedicated Go! Team who arrange team events in our various locations.

You’ll be invited to join and support charities, celebrate successes and milestones, and even take part in sporting events. We are the main sponsor of the yearly Barcelona Half Marathon and Marnaton (an open water competition).

Every year you’ll be able to sign up and be part of our dream team competitors!

Anna Kopecka

"One thing I really enjoy is the work culture: we can drive initiatives we believe in, participate in cross-functional projects, think out of the box & put in place new ideas... everyone can be a leader. It's truly "leadership at all levels". It is exciting to work surrounded by passionate people who enjoy what they do. Also, having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, be able to make some good friends, never stop learning & having new challenges every day, brings this to another level. "

Jerome Achard

"What I really like about edreams is that I get to work with so many different people, from so many different cultures it really helps me grow. We have talented people in every single area and as a product manager I have the chance to interact with many of them. Plus eDreams is a place where the corporate culture embraces when people speak up, when we challenge each other and I really believe it's a healthy way of growing together. I also had the chance to attend different training sessions that honestly had great content and were very entertaining. And last but not least, we also have fun and the atmosphere is great!"

Sarah Smadja

"I love working with people from so many different countries and backgrounds. Diversity brings new perspectives and increases learning from each other. Our GO!Team dedicates their great creativity to surprise us every time with new ideas of events to make us connect with eDOers outside of our circle. It is also what every one of us is able to do at many levels: Kahoot Quiz nights, fun team building activities outside the office, or even organising a football competition with whoever you want to, are only some examples."